Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Signs that Anger is a Problem

When does anger become a problem?

There are five times when anger becomes a problem :
  •  it is expressed for the wrong reason.
  •  it becomes too intense.
  •  it lasts too long.
  •  it leads to aggression.
  •  it disturbs school, work, or relationships.

Do you have students who get stuck in their anger?  Can they identify with one or more of the statements above?

Ask students to give an example of anger for each category.
Create your own examples on cards and ask students to match them with each problem.
How can you resolve the anger once it is identified?   Ask students to come up with ways to stop or prevent getting into a situation that will cause them to be  angry.

I live to use the Jumpin' Monkeys game to show students how they get themselves stuck in their own problems.  They keep doing the same thing over and over and keep getting the same results.  This could be in relationships, homework, classwork, chores or decisions.  Process through the problem where they are getting stuck using the monkeys you catapult through the air.  If you do not move the catapult, you can not hit the tree.  You must move!

The same is true to teach this example with Ants in the Pants.  If you keep the ants in the same place and do not move them in order to hit your target, you will never get there.  You have to MOVE the ants to win!  Relate this to everyday life.  You have to do something different to get different results.  You don't like a discipline referral, then what can you change?   You get F's for assignments, then what can you do differently.

Sometimes, I will tape the catapult to the table purposely to show the student he is stuck.  I will ask him to play the game.  He might try and get frustrated.  He realizes he has to move or change to hit the target.  This is a valuable hands-on exercise.  Finally light-bulbs turn on!  They can take the tape off!  They can do something different.  If something is not working, they learn to do something else.  Most students do this naturally when they don't get the results they want.  Some need your help to work through this and learn to do this as a skill that is taught to them.

Need more ideas on this?  Demonstrations and directions are in the DVDs.  Counselor use to ask me to show them with the game or create a video series.  So I did!  Games and Play is a set of DVDs to show you how to do it.  It is Creative, Engaging, and FUN.

More on anger management for students.
Anger and Me is a student workbook that is reproducible.  Make as many copies as you need.
You can find it on Amazon: Anger and Me

There are examples of what students do when they express anger in the wrong ways in the workbook if you would like to use them instead of coming up with your own.   Quizzes are also included in the workbook.  The workbook can be used in individual or small group sessions.  They can be used in classrooms.  It is suitable for grades 4 - 12.  Adults have found it useful too!  Some businesses in my area have used it for their employees.  I ask parents to read it with their child.  Do 2-3 pages a day.  Talk about it together.  Discuss the examples.

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