Monday, March 9, 2015

15 Stress Relief Tips for Kids

Too many students today suffer from anxiety and stress related problems.  Teach your student simple ways to reduce stress and its effects.  Remember to do at least two everyday.

15 Stress Relief Tips for Kids

        1.  Read a book
        2.  Learn a new craft: paint, crochet, knit, beading, model, create with clay
        3.  Join a discussion group or club at school
        4.  Visit a museum
        5.  Learn to do something new: bake a cake and decorate, build a model plane, new card game
        6.  Play basketball
        7.  Forgive someone
        8.  Have a cup of tea
        9.  Establish a support system
       10.  Make a list of positive things about yourself
       11.  Make a schedule
       12.  Take a bubble bath
       13.  Talk to your parents
       14.  Do something to have fun
       15.  Go bike riding
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How to be engaging, creative and FUN!
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Be Creative, Engaging and FUN!

 Grace Wilhelm is a National Board Certified Counselor with experience in mental health and school counseling.  She enthusiastically presents to counselors, teachers, youth workers, and parents on anger, stress, crises intervention, communication, data, counseling programs, play sessions, and more. 
      Grace's past achievements and awards include ASCA National School Counselor of the Year Semifinalist, RAMP, and FLDOE Parent Involvement Award and Teacher of the Year.  

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