Friday, March 13, 2015

10 Feeling Sentences to Help Kids

     Help children identify feelings.  Use the sentence completions below as an activity.  Combine the completion activity with a game, small group, or individual activity. 

      Complete the following sentences using a feeling.  Try to use a  different feeling for each sentence.

When someone is rude to me I feel 


When someone is kind to me I feel 


If I were given a surprise party I would feel 


When I say something stupid I feel 


If someone bullied me on-line I would feel


When all of my friends are out of town I feel


Just before test grades are passed out, I feel


When I talk to someone I really like I feel 


When I am criticized I feel 


When I win at a sport I feel


Can you name different feelings?  Did you think of some of these?

            Angry, mad, sad, depressed, annoyed, happy, elated, terrified, worried, distraught, confused, lonely, excited, stressed, fatigued, anxious, nervous, belittled, surprised, relaxed, frustrated, degraded

Grace Wilhelm is a National Board Certified Counselor with experience in mental health and school counseling.  She enthusiastically presents to counselors, teachers, youth workers, and parents on anger, stress, crises intervention, communication, data, counseling programs, play sessions, and more. 

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