Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Use this one tip to get kids organized

Use this one game to teach students 
the importance of being organized.  

So many of our students struggle to get organized.  Some of them get organized with their supplies, pencils, papers, and then find they have to get organized all over again in about a week.  Why is this?  One reason is because getting organized is often thought of as a waste of time.  Why should I spend an hour organizing my stuff, book bag, locker, papers, etc when it will get all messy again.  I could be doing the work that really matters like writing that essay or completing my project due next Tuesday. 

The key is to teach students that getting organized and keeping things organized will actually same time!  We can get them to see that they will not only save time but they could even have time left over to do other things!  

Everyone loves games because they are visual, auditory, and hands-on.

This concept can easily be taught with a game - Perfection! by Hasbro.  I use this in small groups and in individual counseling.  You will see a BIG AHAA moment on the faces of your students.  This happens over and over when you use the technique described in the video clip below. 

The game has a timer and depending on the version of the game, there are 9, 16 or 25 pieces to fit in slots of the same size and shape within a short period of time.  
I have used all the different versions of this game with students.  

Teach students the importance of organization with a game. 

In this video, an eighth grade student is playing the 9 piece game for the first time.  I reduced the time by half because I want to bring home the point - that you will save time by being organized.  If you organize yourself and supplies before a project or homework you will actually spend less time on the actual project or homework and get it done in less time.  You will see in this video clip that when the timer goes off, this student jumps out of her skin and scares me half to death!  We left this in the video because it was a genuine and spontaneous response.  This is exactly how my students feel and react when they play the game to learn the concept of organization.  

Get the Ah-haa moment with your students.

Play this game to teach this concept to your students. 
It is creative, engaging and fun!
I have used this techniques with all ages including adults!  Help your parents to see that getting organized is not a waste of time.  When you help your parents, you help your students. 


Creative Play Therapy for School

Use play therapy techniques to teach counseling strategies: anger control, stress management, study and organizational skills, making friends, deflating bullies, making decisions and more.  Use everyday, familiar games.  No worksheets to reproduce.  It is auditory, visual, and hands-on!

Think, think, think...they are starting to get it!

Help!  I was not organized this morning and now I am late for the bus!

Everyone loves games.