Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Teach Kids to be Organized with a Game

Teach Students to be Organized
and Do It with a Game

Using the game called Perfection! by Hasbro is a great way to show students that taking time to be organized and prepared is not a waste of time.  Getting organized first, before starting homework or a project or even getting ready for school, actually saves time and helps us to be more productive and efficient.  Teach this lesson using Perfection!

Although I have played this game to teach organization many times, the reaction of this student made me jump out of my skin! You have to see it:

Click here to see video

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Get more ideas here.  Ideas for small groups, individual sessions, whole classroom settings.  Own your own professional development and review the strategies for implementing.  Make them your own.  Get your creative juices flowing!
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