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9 Exciting Games School Counselors Must Have

Play Therapy for Schools

Play Therapy is the number one way to reach students and facilitate working discussions.  Every counselor must have a stash of everyday, familiar games.   Play therapy is auditory, visual and kinesthetic (you know, the big word for hands-on!)


Don't you find it frustrating to scour the catalogs for games on bullying, anger and self-control only to end up purchasing a game with too many parts and pieces and too complicated to figure out and play?   Why purchase an expensive overpriced complicated game when you could use everyday familiar games that kids know and love?  Games like Don't Break the Ice and Jumpin' Monkeys and Jenga.  They are inexpensive and FUN to play.  The counseling strategies can be integrated into the games and they can be used over and over.  Do not worry!  We show you how right here.


Wouldn't you love to use everyday day to teach students about anger control, stress management, goals, making friends, communication skills, relationships, study and organizational skills, and much more.  It is what you do everyday and it can be FUN, memorable and make a difference in the lives of your students.  It is creative and engaging.

creative and engaging

9 Must Have Games for 
School Counselors

Jumpin' Monkeys
Pick Up Sticks
Don't Break the Ice
Barrel of Monkeys
Playing Cards

Here is a list of the games, what you can do with play therapy during your sessions, and approximate  cost at toy stores or local department stores: 

Jenga - relationships, career education, introductions, making friends, anger control, sentence completions  $12, Hasbro)
Topple - relationships, priorities, goals ($10, Pressman)
Jumpin' Monkeys - goals, getting assignments completed, priorities, project completion ($10 Pressman)
Pick Up Sticks - relationships, groups, dividing into teams, selecting volunteers, dependncies, communication skills ($2 - 7 depending on size and number, $7 Giant Pick Up Sticks, Pressman)
Tumble -  making friends, stress management, stress relief, causes of stress, getting A's and better grades, losing weight, being healthy, creating strategies, problem solving, 
and more ($10 Pressman)
Perfection! - organizational skills, teamwork, communication skills
and more and more and more!  ($ different sizes and prices ranging $8-27 Hasbro)
Don't Break the Ice - study skills, making friends, organization, stress relief, communication skills $8 Hasbro)
Barrel of Monkeys - team building, communication, building community, making friends, study skills, goals, decision making, any lesson involving a list of things to remember ($6-9, different colors and types of monkeys,  Hasbro)
Playing Cards - raffles, selecting teams, selecting students, fairness and equity

Purchase the Play Pack.  
1) DVD: Games and Play to Enhance Counseling and Teaching Strategies, Volume One     2) DVD: Games and Play to Enhance Counseling and Teaching Strategies, Volume Two     3) Three (3) Games: Tumble, Jumpin’ Monkeys, and Topple. 

This will be one of the most effective and easiest programs to implement.  We show you how to integrate counseling strategies into the games.  Use simple play therapy techniques with everyday games.  

You get all this-

The Play Pack includes everything you need to get started:  
 Two DVDs, Volumes I and II: Games and Play to Enhance Counseling and Teaching Strategies. 
Jumpin' Monkeys, Tumble, Topple
Booklets are included with the DVDs.

Be Creative, Engaging and FUN!

      Grace Wilhelm is a National Board Certified Counselor with experience in mental health and school counseling.  She enthusiastically presents to counselors, teachers, youth workers, and parents on anger, stress, crises intervention, communication, data, counseling programs, play sessions, and more. 
      Grace's past achievements and awards include ASCA National School Counselor of the Year Semifinalist, RAMP, and FLDOE Parent Involvement Award and Teacher of the Year.  

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