Monday, May 4, 2015

10 Easy Sentences to Help Kids Name Feelings

 How to Help Kids Name Different Feelings

Students often get stuck naming different feelings.  Use this simple activity to help kids identify with the way they feel.  This helps victims, bullies, ADHD, relationships and communication skills. 


Complete the following sentences using a feeling.  Try to use a different feeling for each sentence.

When someone is rude to me I feel 

When someone is kind to me I feel

If I were given a surprise party I would feel

When I say something stupid I feel

If someone bullied me on-line I would feel

When all of my friends are out of town I feel

Just before test grades are passed out, I feel

When I talk to someone I really like I feel

When I am criticized I feel 

When I win at a sport I feel

Can you name different feelings?  Did you think of some of these?

            Angry, mad, sad, depressed, annoyed, happy, elated, terrified, worried, distraught, confused, lonely, excited, stressed, fatigued, anxious, nervous, belittled, surprised, relaxed, frustrated, degraded

Add your own sentences.  What will you add?  Can you think of themes to create sentence completions?  

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