Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stressors of Teens

A Handout for Parents

To Parents

Stressors of Teens

            Stressors of teens are the things that teenagers worry about or that cause them to have stress in their lives.  All of us have healthy amounts of stress in our lives.  When the levels of stress become too high, we have problems functioning on a daily basis.  Everyone has problems, but when we have trouble dealing with those problems it is because of too much stress in our lives.  It is the way that we deal with our problems that makes the difference. 

            Of a parent, relative, friend, classmate, war, accidents
Fear of death
              Fear of car accident, dying at an early age, death of grandparents or parents, storms,   hurricanes
Health problems
            Of parents, siblings, friends, classmates, self, relatives
            Remarriage, separation, divorce, death of a parent, prison, substance abuse,
            Discipline, expectations, communication
Loss of a Relationship
            Because of divorce, death, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, moving
Safety Concerns
Fear of harassment, stealing, violence in neighborhood or school, bullies, drugs,    gangs
            Grades, teachers, parental expectations, illiteracy as a teen, test taking, post high school plans, job, college, money, changing schools
Relationships with Parents or Authority
            Abuse problems, conflict, fighting, expectations in school, sports, homework, chores
Relationships with Peers
            Social concerns, lack of academic ability (reading and math skills), weight, humiliation, acne, disability, money, financial problems of parents, drug abuse of self or parents, loneliness, feeling as if there is no one to talk to, arguments
Sexual problems
            Getting AIDS, getting STD, getting pregnant, concerns about virginity, not having a significant other, sexual identity, fear of parents finding out

                                                                                    G. Wilhelm

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