Monday, June 2, 2014

Rate Your Family!

Use this self-assessment with your students: 

Your family ties help to overcome stressful situations.  Your family support system is a stress reliever.  


Our family is with us through thick and thin.  What does this mean?

Rate yourself by the way you act with family members at home.

 5 – Always   4 – Most of the time   3 – Sometimes  
 2 – Not Much of the Time     1 – Never

            ____ 1.   I make fun of family members who do things differently from my way. 
            ____ 2.   I tease family members about things that embarrass them.
            ____ 3.   I fight with other family members to get my way.
            ­­­____ 4.   I say I am sorry if I hurt another family member’s feelings.
____ 5.   I listen to family members when they need someone to talk to.
____ 6.   When I get mad at my brothers and sisters, I stop talking to them.  They                              have to guess why I am mad. 
____ 7.   I congratulate other family members when they do well.
____ 8.   I call my family members bad names.
____ 9.   I help out at home. 
____10.  I return things that I borrow in good shape and on time.
____ 11. I do nice things for family members.
____12.  I do fun things with my family.
____13.  When I criticize family members, I do so in a nice way.
____14.  When I disagree with my parents, I try to see their side of the problem.

What areas do you need to improve?


What do you enjoy most about your family?


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