Thursday, April 3, 2014

Your Stress Score - Part 3

What is your total?  What does it mean?

0-50 – Are you being truthful?  Remember, everyone has stress.  It is a normal part of life.  Many times, students with strong family support systems will report few stressors. If this is true for you, you probably have parents who protect you from problems and they probably do not share their personal problems with you, for example, when their mortgage payment is late.  You can be thankful for a strong support system that your family has created. 

                50 – 150 – This is a normal range of stress points.
                150 – 300 - Stress is affecting your quality of life and may cause you to have stress related symptoms and illnesses.
                300 or more - People with many stressors can have nervous breakdowns and high probability of serious illnesses.  Stress can take a toll on your body.  Consider talking to your parents or your counselor about your stress score.  Sometimes students do not consider boundaries so their score is high; do not add stress points that belong to your parents or other people.    Your counselor can explain this to you.