Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of Stress

 This is a good activity for students.  Print this out and have them underline or highlight the symptoms they are experiencing.  When consulting with parents, you might ask them to show this list to their doctor or family counselor with the marks from the student if you feel it could be helpful.  

Signs of Stress

Let’s review some of the signs of stress in categories.  The categories divide the symptoms of stress into four groups:  physical, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral.  This is your book, so you can write in it.  Underline or mark signs that may bother you. 

Physical Stress                                                      Intellectual Stress
Headache                                                                    Absentmindedness
Migraines                                                                    Forgetfulness
Backache                                                                     Inability to do simple math
Muscle cramps                                                            Lack of concentration
Stomach problems                                                       Loss of thought
Heart problems                                                            Mind spinning
High blood pressure                                                    Floating sensation
Shortness of breath
Often having colds

Emotional Stress                              Behavioral Stress
Anger that is sudden and                                Dependency on drugs, alcohol,
    out of proportion                                             smoking, food, exercise, etc.
Frustration                                                       Excessive dieting
Depression                                                      Excessive exercise
Feeling of being used                                      Withdraw
Anxiety over everyday situations                   Talking too fast, too loud or too much
Self-pity                                                          Critical over many people and things
Loneliness                                                       Unnecessary aggressiveness
Annoyed over small matters                           Excessive passiveness
                                                                        Repetitious behavior – doing the
                                                                                    same things over and over

            Sometimes these signs, which are called symptoms, maybe related to a physical illness.   Your parents may want you to check with a doctor if you think you are ill or if the symptoms do not disappear after a reasonable period of time. 
        Here is some good news if you have a lot of stress:  There are ways to relieve stress!  This helps us to relax or reduce anxious feelings.  We can also categorize stress reducers into four groups:  physical, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral.  We sometimes call these stress snappers because they help us snap back to the way we want to be.  

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