Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stress Part 2 - The Stress Test

Stress Test

Let’s work on a self-assessment activity to see what stressors we are experiencing today.  Follow the directions for the Stress Test:

        1)  What was the date six months ago?  Write the date here:

                Six months ago the date was __________________.

        We are going to rate the amount of stress we are experiencing with a special test using the Holmes and Rahe Scale.  Everything in life gives us stress points from death in our family, moving to a new house, or working on a school project.  These events would have a lot of stress points because they are very stressful.  Having homework, going on a vacation, or even the last day of school causes stress, but they have fewer stress points. 

        2)  Look at the list of events on the Stress Test.  Underline the events you have experienced only within the last six months from the date you wrote down in #1.  If the event happened before that date, do not include it. 

Stress Test
From the Holmes and Rahe Adjustment Scale

        Events                                    Scale of Impact
        Death of a spouse                           100
        Divorce                                            73
        Marital separation                              65
        Break-up with boy/girlfriend                65
        Jail term                                           63
        Death of close family member             63
        Personal illness or injury                    53
        Fired at work                                    47
        Health problem of family member        44
        Gain of a family member                    39
        Change in financial state                    38
        Death of a close friend                      37
        Change to a different line of work      36
        Many arguments at home                 35
        Mortgage                                        30
        Foreclosure on a mortgage               30
        Changes in responsibilities at work    29
        Outstanding personal achievement    28
        Spouse begins or stops work           26
        Begin or end school                         26
        Change in living conditions               25
        Change in residence                        20
        Change in schools                          20
        Change in recreation                       19
        Change in church activities              19
        Change in social activities               18
        Change in sleeping habits               15
        Vacation                                        13
        Christmas holidays                         12
        Minor violation of the law                 11

        3)  Now add up your stress points.  The total is ______________.

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