Saturday, June 27, 2015

Play Therapy for Schools

Counselor Games is Play Therapy for Schools

Learn how to use everyday games to teach kids anger control, stress management, study skills, making friends, decision making and more.  Learn how to integrate the counseling strategies into the games.  Use everyday familiar games such as Don't Break the Ice, Topple, Jumpin' Monkeys, playing cards, Jenga, and pick-up sticks and more.  Add the strategies.  It is hands-on, visual and auditory!  It is engaging, creative and FUN!  

Get your at home professional development

The demonstrations in the DVDs show you how.  Easy  and clear demonstrations for you to view by game.  

Your students will love the games.  They will interact and engage with the lesson.  They will be able to think through and apply the lesson ideas and return to your next session eager and ready for more! Content and lesson development comes naturally.  
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