Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Friendships Help Reduce Stress

          What makes a good friend?


  Friendships change quickly for many reasons.  People move way, change schools, or simply change their ways.  Keeping old friendships is important and making new friends is just as important.  Use this self-assessment to rate how you are doing as a friend.  

                            5 – Always   4 – Most of the time   3 – Sometimes  
                               2 – Not Much of the Time           1 - Never

____ 1.  I share my thoughts and ideas with my friends.
____ 2.  I share my belongings with my friends.
____ 3.  When I disagree with my friend, I listen to their side.
____ 4.  I offer to help my friends when they have a problem.
            ____ 5.  When my friend does something wrong, I tell the truth about it rather than                          hide it.
____ 6.  I am honest with my friends.
____ 7.  I laugh when we are together, but I do not laugh at my friends.
____ 8.  I do not tell the secrets my friends tell me.
____ 9.  I tell my friends when I need help.
____ 10.  I am not jealous or possessive when my friends have other friends.
____ 11.  I do not stay mad with my friends or carry a grudge. 
____12.  I am cooperative with my friends.  I tell my friends what is right and when                        I know their behavior is wrong. 

What do you need to do to be a better friend?  _____________________________


What do you do that makes you a good friend? ____________________________

Who is a good friend to you?  ___________________________________________

What makes that person a good friend?  ___________________________________


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