Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Help Students Get Organized with a Game!

 Teach Students Organizational Skills and 

Have Fun Doing It!!!

Perfection by Hasbro is a great game to teach organizational skills!  There are two types of Perfection: one with 9 pieces and one with twenty-five pieces.  The game is played with a timer and the object is to get all the pieces on the board within the specified amount of time.  If not, the gameboard pops up with the pieces!  Time is up!  

To teach children organizational skills try this with Perfection!

Game One:  Let the student play the game normally.  Chances are if it is his first time he will not beat the timer.  Then discuss ways to beat the timer.  What could you do differently?  Let the student come up with several ideas.  Relate his answers to being organized with homework, classwork, and projects.  

Game Two:  The student will now play the game with his idea for organizing the pieces.  Did his strategy work?  Does he have any different or new ideas for doing better?  Again, relate the play to organizing homework, classwork,and projects.   Let the student try his new idea!

Game Three: The student plays the game with a new strategy.  This time the student will probably beat the timer.  Relate the ideas for organizing to how one organizes supplies, paper, pencils, markers, planner, etc.  Is organizing cheating?  No!  Getting organized makes our work simpler and more efficient! 

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