Monday, February 1, 2016

100 Days of School Activities

The 100th Day of School is fast approaching in many school districts.  Since we started school in August, we will have our 100th day on February 4!

Check out some awesome resources on the web:

From A to Z Teacher Stuff 

Hacks from Tip Junkie:
75 Great Ideas for the 100th Day of School

Really Good Stuff
When you want to purchase instead!

Apples for the Teacher
Lots of good resources, activity sheets and more for grades K-8.

Create Your Own Special T-Shirt

I have created some of my own T-shirts using designs made on word or publisher.  It is really easy!  Follow the steps here:

1)  Create your own design or find a picture in the free domain or purchase one on Pinterest.  There is probably a lot of free clip art right on your computer!

2) Use a lot of bright color and make it big.  Kids like bright colors and big designs, plus they will stand out better on a t-shirt.

3) Purchase a t-shirt at the fabric store.  I have found yellow t-shirts at bargain prices during Christmas time when everyone wants green, red, and white.  In fact, I was able to purchase 8 yellow t-shirts for 25 cents each in adult sizes.  Many times new t-shirts can be found at 3 or 4 for a $1.00.  Be sure to wash your shirt before you apply your design.

4) Purchase Fabric Transfers.  I use Avery 8.5" x 11" Light Fabric Transfers.  You get six sheets in a package.

5) After you have created or downloaded your design, print it out on regular paper in color to see if it is the correct size and color(s) you want.

6) If all is OK, print your design on the fabric transfer sheet.  Follow the directions - it's easy.  Instead of paper, simply print on the fabric sheet which you load right into your own printer!

7) Follow the instructions on the fabric sheet package.  Get your iron hot and ready and GO!

8)  You have now created a great t-shirt.  Wear it with a smile!

Happy National School Counselor Week
February 1 - 5, 2016

Here is a special offer for you from Counselor Games!

Check out the Play Therapy Workshop Special.  Learn play therapy techniques using everyday games to teach anger control, stress management, decision making, relationship building, making friends, communication skills and much more.  It is hand-on curriculum at your fingertips!

Visual, Auditory, Hands-On
Ages 3 - 93
Everyone Loves Games

Coming out soon:  Free eBook
Quotes for Student Success
This is a collaborative project from educators around the country who have shared their favorite quotes for success that they use with students. 
Look for it on March 1, 2016.