Monday, July 20, 2015

You Can Learn Play Therapy Techniques

Play Therapy is Creative, Engaging and Fun!

Too often I hear schools counselors say "I wish I learned play therapy".  Today professional development is expensive and hard to come by for specific areas.  Here is an easy solution: Get your professional development sent to you. 

Play Therapy allows you to use everyday games to teach counseling strategies.
What would your small groups or individual sessions look like if you did this:  

Teach anger control with Jenga. 
Teach stress management with Don't Break the Ice. 
Learn how to make friends with Tumble. 

Learn the importance of being organized with Perfection!

and more................... 

It is easy-peasy.  We make it simple and fun.  We give you demonstrations on DVD.  Watch them over at your leisure.  Get the ideas and RUN with them.  Get your creative juices going!  

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And there is more.  There is the Play Pack which has everything you need to get started fast.    *   Two DVDs of play therapy techniques with everyday games
*   Topple
*   Tumble
*   Jumpin' Monkeys 
*  Two booklets with ideas and lists of strategies for students 
*  FREE Giant Pick-Up Sticks - automatically shipped with all orders by July 31, 2015.

It is easy!  We show you how!

Get started today.