Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get Your Small Group On! Get your ideas here!


Do you need a fresh idea?
What will grab your students' attention?
Creative, Engaging, and FUN
Use play therapy techniques with ALL ages
Ages 3 - 93
Stress mamangement, anger control, how to make freinds, communication skills, how to be organized, study skills, test taking tips, goal setting, priorities, and more.... all with games!
Let us show you how

How to use the game called Perfection to teach students to be organized: 

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Don't be stranded.  Get your ideas here.   Available for you - professional development at your finger tips, demonstrations on DVDs so you can use games effectively to teach counseling strategies to your students.  Check out the Play Pack and Extreme Pack - Everything you need to get started. Excellent for individual, small group or whole classroom instruction.

Counselor Games website   http://counselorgames.com/

Teach students to try different strategies to meet their goals with Jumpin' Monkeys, make friends with Tumble, establish healthy relationships and priorities with Topple, use Don't Break the Ice to find ways to relieve stress, Barrel of Monkeys for communication skills and test taking techniques... 

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