Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goals and Action Plans

Why do some students have a goal and 
then never seem to get anywhere? 
Why do simple goals seem to not get accomplished?  
         A goal needs an Action Plan. Students need a plan of action to get to their goal. Sounds simple and here are the steps to make it happen:
           Let's say, for example, Freddie states he keeps forgetting assignments, can't find them, loses things, etc... A discussion finds that Freddie needs to clean out his backpack and organize papers into the correct binders and folders and get rid of trash, crumpled papers and old notes.
           Here is Freddie's Action Plan:

                    Goal: Getting Organized 

                    Action Plan: Clean Out My Back Pack 
                             Step One: Dump everything out
                             Step Two: Sort everything into two piles, Keep and Throw Away
                             Step Three: Everything that is "Keep" will be put into the correct binder, folder, or   notebook.
                            Step Four: Throw the other stuff away
                            Step Five: Use a homework or assignment folder to keep papers in until I get home to organize papers in the proper places.

              Another action plan might be to clean out the locker! Keep the action plan simple. Once students get the idea that a goal requires an action plan they can easily write their own and move in the direction of accomplishing their goals.