Monday, June 8, 2015

124 Ideas For Kids This Summer

124 Things to Do This Summer

·         Go to the beach/lake
·         Create a pet show
·         Wear clown make-up
·         Go to a movie
·         Go hiking
·         Take swim lessons
·         Go on a picnic
·         Weave a potholder
·         Swim
·         Hula hoop
·         Badminton
·         Plant a garden
·         Wii
·         Make a card and mail it
·         Water balloon fight
·         Build a fort
·         Play twister
·         Create a neighborhood newsletter
·         Learn to play canasta
·         Show an outdoor movie
·         Take swim lessons
·         Take diving lessons
·         Make soap
·         Make a necklace
·         Crochet
·         Build a tent city in your back yard
·         Have a pool party
·         Visit the library
·         Paint by numbers kit
·         Plan a canoe trip
·         Design/make a pillow
·         Puzzle (1000 pieces or more)
·         Create a variation of a Frisbee game
·         Frisbee soccer, Frisbee golf, Frisbee tennis
·         Play bocce
·         Plan a camping trip
·         Scavenger hunt
·         Practice algebra
·         Go boating
·         Bike trail
·         Adopt a pet
·         Make tacos
·         Talk to your grandparents about their grandparents
·         Write a book
·         Publish your book on amazon
·         Interview a war veteran
·         Clean out your closet
·         Make a salt and flour map of your state
·         Make a salt and flour map of the USA
·         Plan a road trip
·         Visit the zoo
·         Join a community walk or race for charity/event
Bake a cake
·         Play limbo
·         Plan a BBQ
·         Go to a ball game
·         Create a tournament
·         Play monopoly
·         Start a blog
·         Visit a nursing home
·         Write a song
·         Jump rope
·         Have a fashion show
·         Visit the thrift store, purchase items and have a fashion show with your new outfits
·         Take music lessons
·         Visit a museum
·         Bike parade
·         Make funnel cakes
Counselor Games is Play Therapy
·         Read Gone With the Wind
·         Watch “Gone With the Wind” in one day
·         Build a Time Capsule
·         Decorate cupcakes
·         Make a smoothie
·         Create a chalk mural on the sidewalk or driveway
·         Build a birdhouse
 Play with clay
·         Make s’mores
·         Make milk shakes
·         Color
·         Have a yard sale
·         Create a bouquet of flowers
·         Paint a bouquet of flowers
·         Plan a neighborhood carnival
·         Make a basket
·         Play war with cards until someone wins
·         Masquerade party
·         Design a t-shirt
·         Make a bird feeder
·         Produce a neighborhood play/theater
·         Start a kickball tournament
·         Make crepe paper flowers
·         Have a tea party
·         Go to the flea market
·         Attend a vacation/church/synagogue school
·         Read a novel
·         Research your genealogy
·         Decorate sock puppets and make a show
·         CPR class
·         First aid class
Write a book
·         Create a board game
·         Slumber party
·         Bake cookies from scratch
·         Make jello with half the water, cut it into shapes, eat it
·         Create frosting flowers and decorate a cake
·         Get a make-over
·         Make ice cream
·         Plant a tree
·         Make popcorn balls
·         Make play dough
·         Take an on-line class
·         Visit a farm
·         Do outside work for an elderly neighbor
·         Play crochet
·         Write a letter and mail it
·         Run a mile
·         Count calories for a week
·         Make homemade pizza
·         Bake bread
·         Play chess
·         Make a wreath and hang it
·         Build a campfire and tell stories and sing songs around it
·         Pick berries and make jelly
·         Learn another language
·         Make a photo album
·         Create a family yearbook

Grace Wilhelm, MA
Grace Wilhelm is a National Board Certified Counselor with over sixteen years  experience.  She enthusiastically presents to counselors, teachers, youth workers, and parents on anger, stress, crises intervention, communication, data, counseling programs, play sessions, and more. 

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